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White House

Welcome to the sparkling and seductive world of white houses

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Many of the iconic landmarks from Washington’s White House to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi dazzle with pure, bright white. Europe is a treasure trove of architecture and bleached white villages packed with charm. If you love this clean, classic look, then this page is just for you.
Architects the world over have always understood the incredible visual impact of a white house. Plain whitewashed dwellings have existed for centuries, from humble country cottages to presidential mansions like the White House Ireland. The magical and minimalist look of white Mediterranean houses is a breathtaking example of how they can also evoke emotion.
Any building displaying a crisp white exterior is guaranteed to capture our attention. Modern architects have remained in awe of the ethereal luminosity of this colour and utilise it in fresh, contemporary designs.

Our Passion For White

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A collection of the most famous white landmarks worldwide

Sensational and charming white towns and villages to explore

Transforming your home into a haven of white tranquillity

White House Topics

White House Memories & Heritage

White houses have always been a sign of purity and cleanliness. From the historic white towns of Andalusia to quaint country villages in Ireland, there are lovely examples of old buildings like the White House Pub all across the world.
The first known whitewash was a chalked lime paint used to provide antibacterial properties and a uniform appearance. Whitewashing was a cheap and straightforward way to make a building look attractive. Although the origins are hazy, archaeologists discovered whitewash was even used in Tutankhamun’s tomb!
White House Heritage

Living With White Walls

The simple and classic look of white and its ability to reflect light means the all-white interior has become a popular choice. It makes spaces appear much larger. White is also a superb backdrop and is typically utilised with modernist designs so that the architecture remains the main focal point.
Even in countries where it is not necessary to reflect harsh sunlight or stay cool, white paint is an excellent choice for exteriors. It provides a crisp first impression and adds character to the simplest home. White may be the lightest colour, but it also comes in an array of warm hues.

Explore The World With Us

If you love architecture, then take our guided tour of the world’s most photographed white buildings including the White House and Sydney Opera House. Take a trip around enticing and atmospheric Mediterranean whitewashed villages. Enjoy the magic of lively ocean views, cobbled streets or serene town dwellings.
The image of a white house coated in pure white paint conjures up romance, calm or homely feelings for many of us. If you want to recreate this warmth and striking beauty in your own home, then we’ll help to guide the way. White is, after all, the colour of perfection, possibility and successful beginnings!

Your Questions About White Houses Answered

Q: Are white houses popular?
A: White remains one of the most popular choices and a top trend in home colouring. White is a versatile choice for both interior and exterior house colours.
Q: Should you paint your house white?

A: Creating a homely or eye-catching white house will always be a good choice. People generally love them as the colour is pure, clean and classic.

Q: Does a white house stay cooler?
A: Light-coloured paint helps to reflect the heat of the sun away from your house. White walls mean your home will be slightly cooler inside, compared to the temperature in the shade.