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occupy white walls

Occupy White Walls with Art

While there are many pros and cons of white exterior house, there are just as many pros and cons to having white interior walls. One of the major cons of this is that it’s simply boring. Houses with white walls are extremely common, so why have something plain that everyone has? Occupy white walls with something as interesting as art. The best thing about this… Read More »Occupy White Walls with Art

An image of a lime white cocktail

Cocktails With White Rum You Should Try

If you haven’t noticed, this site is all about white. Aside from white houses, landmarks, and towns, we added another to our list of white things – a refreshingly simple cocktail with white rum. So, if you’re ever going to a white house pub, order this drink from the bartender. Or, make it yourself at home with just a few ingredients. We share with you… Read More »Cocktails With White Rum You Should Try

Beautiful Residence

Painting Walls White

There is nothing quite as chic and timeless as a white house when it comes to design and decor. The colour white has connotations of purity and freshness, and it really contributes to clean and simple lines in a residence. If in doubt, white it out! Fifty Shades of White While grey is a staple in most homes wanting to look modern and stylish, there… Read More »Painting Walls White

The white house residence was designed by architect James Hoban

White House Tours

White House tours exhibit American histories, a visitor’s centre that pays homage to interactive multimedia photos, looping videos, and much more.