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Painting Walls White

Beautiful Residence

There is nothing quite as chic and timeless as a white house when it comes to design and decor. The colour white has connotations of purity and freshness, and it really contributes to clean and simple lines in a residence. If in doubt, white it out!

Fifty Shades of White

While grey is a staple in most homes wanting to look modern and stylish, there is just something about white as a classic that many homeowners and interior designers keep coming back to. It is also gaining popularity amongst realtors if you are looking to sell your house – and who doesn’t want to improve the value of their property in this economic climate?

Bear in mind that the way people furnish their homes has also evolved over the years. No longer are people buying furniture that can be handed down to their children and grandchildren – it is all about cheaper furniture that can be replaced in a few years. We live in a society that is all about instant gratification and ever-changing ideas – and that influences our homes as well.

The Great White

Painting walls white will allow for the colourful pieces in your room to really pop and make a statement – whether it’s a whole couch or some scatters and throws. The ever-present pot plants in all our homes will also look even more beautiful against a stark white wall. For smaller spaces, white lets in the light and creates an atmosphere of serenity, flow and space. After all this, all it really comes down to is what white is right…for you?