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Patterson House | One of America’s Most Beautiful White Houses

Patterson House Museum

Want to see just how breathtaking a white house can be? Look no further than Fremont, California’s Patterson House. The stately Queen Anne was built in 1857 and sits on over 200 acres of California countryside at Ardenwood Historic Farm. It boasts 16 rooms with furnishings original to the house. The entire exterior, including its gingerbread trim, is painted a rich, creamy white. Seeing this beauty is an inspiration to lovers of white houses and Victorian houses alike.

Patterson House – A White Victorian Mansion Open for Tours

Patterson House offers an excellent opportunity to not only see how elegant Victorian-era houses can look when painted white, but also a unique historical experience. Now a museum, the house is open for tours Thursday through Sunday from April through mid-December. The museum offers various events, including historical days, and access to the farm. Admission for adults and children is $2-$6, depending on age. 3 and under are admitted free.