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Pros And Cons Of Using White Paint On House

White paint on house exterior

Certain buildings like the White House Inn at Cooperstown are clear proof of the marvel that painting a room or house white creates. Despite its relatively small size, the Inn has a clean, habitable, simple, and open feel. That is the enormous power an all-white painted building has.

Why Should You Paint Your House White?

Research has shown that painting a house white is the most cost-effective way of giving the home a quick makeover. Other research conducted by HGTV ranks white-painted houses as one of the fastest to sell. Besides saving money and hastening sales, painting a bedroom in a soft white tone can help you relax and wind down for bed.

Painting your house interior white gives your walls the perfect backdrop. You also have more variety of styles for decoration. Using white paints for your walls also lets it attract and reflect light, illuminating your home. This does not exclude the warm fuzzy feeling a white-painted home brings. These advantages are, of course, not without slight disadvantages.

Cons Of Using White Paint For Your House

One of the major drawbacks of using white paint on house is the slightly higher maintenance cost. Fingerprints and other stains easily leave a blemish on white walls. This is common in homes with kids. Although it will not take the 570 gallons needed to paint the interior of the White House, maintaining white paint is slightly higher than other paints. That does not obscure the benefits that white paint entails.