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The Powerful White Mansion in America

The White House in Washington DC

The most powerful white mansion in world is located at the heart of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C, United States of America. The coveted office and residence of U.S Presidents has maintained a graceful and elegant poise for 238 years, holding a rich history and deep secrets of the country. Having withstood the test of time as a unifying factor in the country, here are some interesting aspects of the White House that you would love to hear.

Interesting Facts About the White House

1. The name White House was officially adopted by President Teddy Roosevelt about 109 years after it was built. 2.The White House was neither designed nor built by Americans. 3. From the time it was built, two Presidents and three First Ladies have died inside the White House. 3. An indoor swimming pool was added by President Franklin Roosevelt underneath the press room in 1933. 4. The White House lacked indoor plumbing and electricity for over half a century.