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White House Inn, Library & Museum

The White House Inn, Library & Museum

What’s resting, researching, and read all over? The answer would be the White House Inn, Library, and Museum located in White House, Tennessee. The Inn came first. It was a two-story, white house built in the early nineteenth century to serve as a stagecoach stop between Nashville and Louisville, Kentucky. The current combined library and museum came into being over a century later when the town named after the White House Inn decided to build a replica of its namesake.

Heritage of the White House Inn

Normally building exteriors were kept bare back then, but that didn’t matter to Richard Stone Wilks when he built his stagecoach stop. It was quite successful in its day, and still is in a different way. After the original structure was torn down in 1951 for further development, residents of the community never let their beginnings become a forgotten memory. By 1986 a replica of their White House was built for use as a library and museum, and since then additions for a visitor center and Chamber of Commerce have been tacked on.