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White House Pub

A secret gem

White House Pub & Irish Watering Holes

The pub culture is an integral part of British life with origins that date back to Roman times. Ireland, in particular, is known for both its national beers and local pubs, with a history spanning 5,000 years. A custom that is truly embedded in Irish life, going to the ‘local’ is about much more than just having a drink. A visit to the White House Pub Dublin, or any other traditional inn, is a social event. It’s about camaraderie, community and friendship. Ireland itself has over 7,000 pubs to explore, so you won’t need to travel far for an incredible experience.
Pubs are traditionally family-owned, and names reflect patronage, ownership or the street itself. In the case of the White House Pub, the name undoubtedly originated because it is, obviously, white!
White House Pub Culture

Traditional White House Pub Menu

A truly authentic Irish pub only serves alcohol. Ireland produces some of the best whiskey, stout and ‘real ales’ in the world and the Irish are renowned for the national symbol of a smooth, creamy pint of Guinness.
Nowadays, most of the atmospheric inns in Ireland’s countryside and towns, including the White House, offer a full range of pub grub. It’s all about comfort food in the Emerald Isle. Tuck into a hearty assortment of dishes from Irish stew, fresh soups and chowders to good old traditional fish and chips.

The Colours Of The Irish Landscape

The ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’ has no shortage of charming villages and small towns, each with its own unique watering hole. Brightly coloured houses and pubs are a fixture, particularly in the south and west, often featuring strips of sherbet blues, oranges and yellows.
However, white remains popular as a choice for eye-catching country houses, farmhouses and pubs. Traditionally, whitewash was used to prevent mildew, and many of the oldest pubs still use it to brighten up the ancient architecture. Some pubs have changed names over the years so don’t be surprised if it’s called the Red Lion and painted white!

An Authentic Irish Pub Experience

The owner of any traditional pub will typically welcome you with open arms and are committed to making sure patrons enjoy a full Irish experience. They might even lead a sing-along or recite limericks. Public houses were initially designed for the working class, so there are no red carpets. Expect a laid back and chilled atmosphere where public drunkenness is not really the order of the day.
Vintage decor makes Irish inns like the White House Pub welcoming in any season. Exposed brick walls and cosy corners filled with quirky, individual pieces of furniture create a comfortable and homely feel. Roaring fires in winter make them the ideal place to sit for hours. Known the world over for friendliness and conviviality, make sure the White House is on your pub crawl list!