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White House Tours

The white house residence was designed by architect James Hoban

This iconic building hosts the official office and residence of the reigning government. The building has various amenities with 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms. It is located at Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. in the District of Columbia. the powerful white mansion in America serves as both the home and workplace of the president. It’s also the headquarters of the president’s principal staff.

President Jefferson Opened the White House for Public Tours

Sections of the sprawling white palace are open to the public and are only closed during war times or pandemics. Thomas Jefferson held the first ‘open white house’ day in 1805. The west terrace holds the press briefing room, and the east terrace acts as a movie theatre. The Oval Office, the cabinet, and the press rooms are located in the West Wing. Tourists are only allowed to take pictures but no videos.

This iconic historical site attracts more than 1.5 million people each year, averaging around 6,000 visitors per day. The first tenant was President John Adams back in 1800. The white house has been occupied by every US president since then. Its current tenants are President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

Touring the White House

White House tours include the public rooms in the East Wing and the state dining room, which has an amazing view of the rose garden. The white house is a museum of American history. The building gives the Americans a sense of belonging and hope. There’s an online tour that takes you through over 140 areas of the White House Mansion and the grounds.